1 month ago

Laravel 6 Testing phpunit wont work anymore

Posted 1 month ago by mauricebalde

Just made a new fresh Laravel 6 project and added 1 test. When I run phpunit even when the test is empty totally:

/** @test */
public function a_user_can_see_threads()


results in:

  1. Tests\Feature\ViewThreadsTest::a_user_can_see_threads Mockery\Exception\BadMethodCallException: Received Mockery_1_Illuminate_Console_OutputStyle::askQuestion(), but no expectations were specified

I was currently doing the "build a forum with laravel TDD" and my test are running well from within phpstorm when I trigger the run command, but when I run phpunit from the command line all test fail again in the same manner. Tried already: php artisan config:clear & php artisan config:cache . Same errors

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