3 months ago

Inject user into form request - testing Autorization

Posted 3 months ago by booni3

I have feature tests hitting the post route to my form request and these all work fine.

However, I have some quite complicated authorization logic that I would like to test in isolation.

I am already doing something similar for some validation rules as follows:

public function setUp(): void

    $this->subject = new \App\Http\Requests\OrderStoreRequest();

    $this->rules = $this->subject->rules();

    $this->validator = $this->app['validator'];

public function test_fields_are_valid()
    $this->assertTrue($this->validateField('country_code', 'GB'));
    $this->assertFalse($this->validateField('country_code', 'ZZ'));

I would now like to test the authorization method, but cannot work out how to inject a mock user into the form request. This does not work...

public function testAuthorize()

Would much appricate any ideas on how this can be done with unit tests.

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