function used by __construct($val) not being mocked

Posted 8 months ago by techguy92

I'm new to Testing and mocking. I need help on how to mock particular functions in my __construct class for one of my objects. These functions pull data from a database and return values to populate object properties.

I'm currently using Laravel 5.5

Here is what I have

namespace Tests\Unit;

use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\WithFaker;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\RefreshDatabase;
use Mockery;
use App\Event;
use Test\TestCase;
use stdClass;

class EventTest extends TestCase
    const TEST_EVENT_ID = 2;

public function testInstanceEventWithInteger()
$testResponse = (object)[
            'name' => 'TEST Event',
            'description' => 'Test Event',
            'beginDate' => '2018-05-04',
            'orgCode' => '014',

        $event = Mockery::mock(Event::class, [self::TEST_EVENT_ID])->makePartial();
            ->andReturn('LHS Harmon');
    $this->assertSame($event->name, 'TEST Event');

But instead of mocking the functions, I get the data from the database and not the data from my $testResponse. Am I doing this all wrong or what am I missing to get this to retrieve the data from the mocked functions instead of the pulling from the actual database

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