2 years ago

Dusk vs BrowserKit?

Posted 2 years ago by dmitry.g.ivanov

Hi, guys!

Laravel 5.4 released, and testing api changed, so 5.3 tests are no longer supported without backwards compatibility package:

So, after migrating my project to 5.4, I've started to remove browser-kit-testing dependency, and migrated my tests to Dusk. I've done with a few tests and saw that a speed is a really slow compared to BrowserKit. So, I've changed my plan and I've tried to fix my tests according to the new 5.4 api, but there are not all assertions implemented in 5.4. Even such simple things as "assertSeeLink" are absent.

So, I have a situation when my simple project tests are running ~8 sec with BrowserKit can't be migrated to 5.4 http testing api, and probably can be migrated to Dusk - but with such a slow speed, which makes it not interesting for me.

From the other hand, I don't want to have that "backwards compatibility" dependency, and I understand that the same question would be relevant for the new 5.4 projects. Any thoughts?

Thanks and have a great day!

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