Dusk: How can I do a search and check for a value returned from Datatables (yajara)

Published 8 months ago by SapporoGuy

Here is what I have tried so far

                    ->type('search', $default_category_name)
                    ->assertInputValue('search', '')

But would get a textarea error ... wth?

//                    ->clickLink('Last')

But would get an array error.

What I am trying to do is a search on a datatables data.

also, why doesn't dusk/phpunit know that a page is actually beyond the resolution (meaning it needs to scroll)?



I am not sure what went on here but this is how I solved it.

                    ->type('input.form-control.input-sm', $default_category_name)

for some reason I needed to declare the class since dusk was not seeing the search type.

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