Custom service provider gives Purify errors in PHPUnit test

Posted 6 months ago by Thyrosis

Hi guys,

This is a weird one. I'm trying to add some extra allowable HTML elements to Steve Baumans' Purify.

It takes a custom ServiceProvider, seeing as the element (anchor target) isn't 'officially' allowed.

Now, don't get me wrong, it works. Perfectly. When showing database-content, the anchor target attribute is shown.

But when I run my tests, half of them fail with the following error:

ErrorException: Attribute 'target' in element 'a' not supported (for information on implementing this, see the support forums)

So what's happening here? Why does the custom service provider work when the application is run 'normally' but not when it's being tested?

And of course, what can I do to get it to work? I don't like these kind of results...

....EEEEEE.EEEEE.EEEFEFEE..........EEEEEE.F... 46 / 46 (100%)

Thanks in advance!

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