CI Testing to includepersonal package?

Published 5 months ago by Shirshak

I have a package folder at root level of Laravel Project. Inside project there is folder called blog. So basically its a blog package.

But I have test inside that blog package also.

So How do I trigger test when i run phpunit. Currently it trigger test which is inside Laravel/tests folder. I know I can add that Laravel/package/blog/tests folder but is there any recommendation?

And I have hosted whole project on github. And I used travis CI . So how do i enable travis ci to run tests from those package folder.


5 months ago (9,590 XP)

It's a package, an encapsulated solution. It should have it's own test suite that can be run separately and not as part of a larger project. It should also exist inside a "vendor" folder installed using composer.


@CJJ its a local package bro. And I encapsulated so that it can be maintained . Currently there are 4 packages like this. The problem is its abit tedious to make new repository commit it there etc.. ?

Its installed using composer repository so its not in vendor folder.

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