Best Video/Series for TDD of a full App

Posted 3 years ago by matalina

I very much need to start this for my work. I'm rewriting our intranet from CI to Laravel 5.1. The biggest problem before was I make a small change here, and I break something someplace else.

I would like to find a tutorial or even just a web cast of an application in Laravel being built in a TDD way.

I get the theory behind it. A lot of what my job entails is taking a set of data and manipulating it to get more data to put in reports. I don't know what this data looks like until I get it, so writing a Test first is always going to be difficult. I didn't write the underlying schema, I have NO control over it, I can only access it to read it and then spit it out in a format my boss wants it in. But if I can get my repositories tested so that when I inevitably make a change for my boss that I won't break something else.

So what would you recommend I watch here at Laracasts to get a good handle on TDD in Laravel on an actual app. I THINK I've already watched a few here but I'd like to here your thoughts.

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