Spark Stripe : howto per quantity

Posted 3 months ago by broefs

I need some advice, please:

I sell searches in a database. Each search instruction is limited to a category, to a subcategory, and to a time frame. The search is executed every five minutes. When a new result is encountered the client receives a notification of the new result.

A user can subscribe to a plan either monthly or yearly (see Stripe supports quarterly as well but Spark does not). The standard plan gives the user one search. You guessed it, I would like to offer to run multiple searches per user. Should I create a separate plan for up to 5 searches, en then another one for unlimited?

I see in Stripe 'Does this pricing plan have multiple price tiers based on quantity?' (I presume this is how team per seat subscriptions work.) This would mean I could perhaps only have one plan in Stripe with variable per search pricing. Does Spark support this? How would I do my checks on my Search model to determine how many concurrent searches the user has access to?

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