1 year ago

`spark new` no longer works for v5

Posted 1 year ago by cjke7777

If you haven't yet upgraded to a v6 license, you can no longer new up a spark install for v5.

For example:

spark new foobar

Responses with:

  Client error: `GET https://spark.laravel.com/api/releases/6.0.3/download?api_token=BYf8cqTWofWcEokFKf2b61uGMOBgGLJokMQaI25uA2osgeU3WIGvFpPXv8Yg` resulted in a `403 Forbidden` response:
      "message": ""

I monkey patched src/InteractsWithSparkAPI.php to return 5.0.3, but its not really ideal...

    protected function latestSparkRelease()
        return '5.0.1';
        return json_decode((string) (new HttpClient)->get(
            $this->sparkUrl.'/api/releases/version', ['verify' => __DIR__.'/cacert.pem']

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