3 years ago

Spark and Team Billing vs Account Billing

Posted 3 years ago by joshuaf

I have a basic question about spark and teams. I have a SASS project where I would like to charge a company for each user on their account. So, I want to charge something like $100 per person on the "team" per year. While spark offers type of charging, it only does so by letting you set a series of plans with X number of users. This isn't really charging per user on an account. Unless ... I am mistaken about this? i.e. 5 users or less is $500 a year 10 users or less is $1,000 per year, etc

In addition to this, I would like for my clients to have the ability to set up "teams" of people that have nothing to do with billing. If you have a project that you would like to assign to three people - you create a team with those three people and give that team certain permissions. A user could invite people on totally separate accounts to join a team and have permission to work on their project. Spark seems to be kind of set up for this as well since you can have multiple teams.

This is really confusing me. Is Spark a tool for billing a company for all of its users, or is it a tool that lets you set up teams of users for permissions and collaboration purposes. On the one hand, it seems to be a tool to simply set up a team system since you can have multiple teams that consist of users you do not pay for. On the other hand, teams are used to charge accounts.

What am I missing here?

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