Laravel Spark 6.0 supported by Spatie's Laravel Permissions?

Posted 8 months ago by joshuabedford

I have tried googling this, and I do not see why they would NOT work together, I was curious before I decided to launch into a semi-time-sensitive project and purchase spark for the first time. This project needs Pay-Per-Seat and team functionality. Background:

I am working on a project that allows people to register as a User or an Organization. The current planned structure would have the following roles in a standard Laravel app:

  • Admin (can manage users)
  • Trainer (can manage all workouts)
  • Writer (can manage all articles)
  • Organization (can manage subscriptions, payment information, and members)
  • User (can manage subscription and payment information)
  • Member (can view the organization -- primarily wanted to distinguish between a member/user)
  • Subscriber (can view workout plans)

So essentially, an Organization can create multiple accounts under their wing and payments (multiple seats/subscriptions) or a user can manage themselves. Then whichever accounts are paid for get the privileges a subscriber does. I have no experience with and very little knowledge of Spark itself. This question may be irrelevant itself as Teams technically are built into Spark (I think). So any advice on how to support Organizations and Individuals as well as multiple roles for accessing different information/areas within Spark is much appreciated.

The roles above might also show why I would like to use Laravel Permissions by Spatie, as it seems to make these things easier. Hence my question, is Laravel Spark 6.0 supported by Spatie's Laravel Permissions? Spark6 just runs on Laravel 5.6 (I think), so I would assume so, but would also rather confirm this before I purchase it.

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