3 years ago


Posted 3 years ago by elbsurfer

Hello, I want to run Laravel Spark with MAMP. I installed Spark locally with the Spark Installer.

When I try to access my localhost's public laravel folder, I get this PHP error which results in error 500:

Undefined constant 'Laravel\Spark\Providers\SparkServiceProvider in /Users/Torben/Sites/st3/st3_root/config/app.php on line 163

Why is this the case and how can I fix it?

When I go into my st3_root folder and do php artisan migrate I only see this:

Torbens-iMac:st3_root Torben$ php artisan migrate
Torbens-iMac:st3_root Torben$

The database which I set up in database.php is empty. Can anybody help here?

Just out of curiosity: When I do not use MAMP and do not want to use Homestead, how can I set up Apache/MySQL to use it locally?

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