3 years ago

Damn you Vue.js... Vue warn: Unknown custom element

Posted 3 years ago by skattabrain

So my app uses Angular and I'm constantly having to set up Angular different to accommodate Vue. Vue thinks it owns the app.

My latest Vue woe...

If I use a widely popular Angular directive like ng-Toast, Vue complains about the element needed to show toast messages in angular.

[Vue warn]: Unknown custom element: <toast> - did you register the component correctly? For recursive components, make sure to provide the "name" option.

If you get this, this might help you -


This Vue implementation has ruined the eagerly anticipated Spark experience for me. Spark should have been without a front end framework. To think I waited months for Spark, only to have to hack up my code to accommodate it. Classes and blade views would have been great, along with an API so we can run with it.

While I'm on my high horse, if one was to force a front end implementation on a mostly backend framework, one would think it would be an extremely popular one. I know many of you feel Vue is all that and a bag of chips and sure, it's cool, but outside Laravel, I haven't heard anyone talking about Vue and especially not in the enterprise where Angular and React dominate by a WIDE margin.

Laravel ROCKS, but Spark has really let me down. At least if it was jQuery, we could get on with the Javascript libraries and workflows we prefer to use. It wouldn't be as sexy, but our preferred front-end workflows wouldn't be bastardized.

For me, Spark has failed on the promise of getting my app out the door. I really should have used Cashier.

Bottom line - Spark 2.0 would be awesome if it dropped JS entirely and tried to be more Laravel like.


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