1 year ago

Cannot update or install spark

Posted 1 year ago by emaano

Seems like after i get a install of spark working, i can no longer update or reinstall. I get this error on my live server, staging and personal pc. Already did the token. Any ideas on what to do to make composer update work consistently with a spark install?

[RuntimeException] Failed to execute git clone --no-checkout 'https://:@github.com/laravel/spark-aurelius.git ' '/home/forge/members.ilookin.com/vendor/laravel/spark-aurelius' && cd '/home/forge/members.ilo okin.com/vendor/laravel/spark-aurelius' && git remote add composer 'https://:@github.com/l aravel/spark-aurelius.git' && git fetch composer

Cloning into '/home/forge/members.ilookin.com/vendor/laravel/spark-aurelius'... remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository 'https://:@github.com/laravel/spark-aurelius.git/' not found

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