1 year ago

Bill owner per User only

Posted 1 year ago by adoptavia

Hi All, I want to set up billing in Laravel Spark which is a little different than the way it works. Basically I want the plans to be chargeable to the owner. So Plan 1 (Free) Max Number of Users 1 Max number of Teams 1

Start Up Max Number of User 5 Max Number of Teams Unlimited

Pro Max Number of Users 10 Max Number of Teams Unlimited

I want the Owner of the account to be charged per user - so if there is 10 users 1 or more of those users could belong to one or more teams (but the owner would only be charged per user on the account - not number of users per team. So example Owner has 4 Users (a,b,c,d) and Two Teams (Team 1, Team 2) User a,b are part of Team 1, users abcd part of Team 2 but Owner only gets charged for the 4 the 4 users - not on users per team basis. does anyone have an idea to do this? Thanks!!

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