1 year ago

Assign Users to Teams Automatically?

Posted 1 year ago by zelaza


I'm using Spark for an app that could have many Users per Team, so having the initial Owner invite everyone by hand is not practical. I also don't want people from the same company (i.e. with same corporate email domain) to establish multiple "Teams" (accounts). What I want to do is:

  • When someone registers with a particular corporate email domain, create a Team for that domain and attach the User to that Team as an Owner

  • When someone else with the same corporate email domain registers, do NOT create a new Team - assign the new User to the existing Team associated with that corporate email domain as a Member

(I realize I would have to disallow common public email domains like gmail, etc, and also verify email addresses, etc).

Is there a good / right / easy way to do this with Spark?


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