Any resources for how I can decouple Laravel Spark from my app?

Posted 5 months ago by TonsOfLaz


I built an app a year or so using Laravel Spark, but that decision is catching up with me, specifically around billing and active accounts. Basically, I never should have used Spark, as I need flexible billing options (i.e. they mail me a check), and subscriptions that cover flexible dates (i.e. people pay annual subscriptions for one calendar year like 2019, not Jun-Jun).

Long story short, having laravel Spark handle subscriptions is causing all kinds of problems for me, and I am wondering if anybody has had any experience or has found any resources on decoupling Spark for payments and billing.

I just want to be able to set my own flag for if someone is subscribed, rather than checking some Stripe or credit card thing.

I appreciate any ideas or shared experience! Thanks in advance

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