2 years ago

Adding CMS features to Laravel Spark (Voyager, Backpack?)

Posted 2 years ago by envision

I have upcoming projects that are partly "regular CMS sites" but are going to have digital services sold while having some custom and small web application features built into it.

With Laravel Spark that will be a breeze as one can start coding the app content in itself very soon... But how about the CMS features?

A web app with a small set of marketing pages could be built custom and managed by the coder, but that is not a viable option when the site would need to be usable for non-coder managers.

So I've been looking into an option or a narrow tech stack that would have such a site with an app hosted in a single system. One could argue the pros and cons of whether to use dedicated more refined CMS system with a separate dedicated web app deployment...

So far I haven't come about any weighty argument on having two separate systems (open to hearing such)...so I've been looking into how I could get CMS features built into one Laravel deployment.

I've come about only these two options of "package-based" CMS features for Laravel:



Have someone wrestled with these same needs?

Have you tested these two packages, do they work with Spark?

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