4 years ago

'403 Forbidden' response in installing laravel spark

Posted 4 years ago by rtacadena

Hello there when I tried to run ‘spark new project-name’ I get this resoponse:

[GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException] Client error: GET https://spark.laravel.com/api/releases/0.1.14/download?a pi_token=uKE0G9LdW9abwDOozRtpGYzpLYXoIWA4QVSwQYnpm7XqqVgcwpa9TkkuEb6k resu lted in a 403 Forbidden response:


I am running on Laravel homestead in Windows,

I have registered my API token using ‘spark register token-value’ in the laravel spark installer, why did I get this response? Is it because I haven’t set up my billing info in the site?

I will apreciate any help. Thanks!

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