dbos1504 dbos1504

Good teacher 😊

I only what to show you my latest work, www.poljomarket.rs (Laravel+Vue)....thanks Jeffry...
makswin makswin

Cannot watch on LG Smart TV

I would love to watch your videos on my LG TV's web browser. However the video is not even showing up. TV's brand is LG 65UK6100PLB 65" . I know this developmen...
MaverickChan MaverickChan

Something about Jeffery's twitter

Can anyone double check Jeffery's Twitter? All tweets are gone. And the description says 'i am error' what happened?...
manalico manalico

[small bug] broken link

link from the left menu -> image has a double quote at the end of link...
trevorpan trevorpan

When is a JSON API necessary in a Laravel app?

When you type JSON API and Laravel into a search engine there's tons of posts on how to build one—even the virtues of building one. I could not find one that stated why,...

Making Job w Redis throttle and chunk?

Hi everybody, i'm so n00b... Have a problem trying make a job. I want notified a lot of users any thing but massive . So i make a job sendCrentials (for example) an...
Rymercyble Rymercyble

using logic in controllers

Hello, I would be very happy if someone turns me to the right way. At the moment I'm using controllers probably in the wrong way (I'm quite not sure) When I need for exampl...
Punksolid Punksolid

Is it viable to make a CRUD just to add one field to serve as Only Read Relationship?

Hi, I want some feedback because I think something it's a little bit wrong here but I don't now the principles that it's wrong. I have an SPA and there a form to cre...
lizeshakya lizeshakya

What is your Laravel design pattern?

For me, it is being very difficult to implement SOLID design principle in Laravel application. It gives ache to refactor and implement new feature in the code. How do you a...
AndySong AndySong

Maybe a forum diffforhumans(time) bug?

If I create a new thread, when I visit /discuss the subtitle diffforhumans(time) shows correctly, however, when I visit the thread itself page...
spacedog4 spacedog4

Bug on a Discussion

Hey @JeffreyWay I just found a bug Navigating in your profile, I clicked on your latest contribution for the laracast dicussions where you...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

Event Listener Logic with Popup Notification

Hello, I am currently thinking about a simple logic, to test in terms of visually outputting a push notification or just a partial logic, like a container (div) on the use...
easteregg easteregg

Video Player with Keyboard shortcuts

Please change the player like before or something that we can use arrow keys and space to control it, it's really frustrating to always use the mouse....
Braunson Braunson

inconsistency of post timeline data on profile

I noticed the timeline posts on a user's profile are cached/stored separately to the updated post? i.e....
erikverbeek erikverbeek

Bug: Forum shows plain JSON when using the back button.

Hello @JeffreyWay, I just noticed a bug in the forum display. If get shown plain JSON instead of a forum thread when I go through the foll...
Jamesking56 Jamesking56

Laracasts on Chromecast

Hey! It would be cool if Laracasts supported streaming to Chromecast devices on Mobile, is it possible?...
Cronix Cronix

Endless scrolling

Really sucks. It's fine for short threads that are only less than one page in length, but for posts that are multiple pages, there is no way to just get to the last post wi...
arthvrian arthvrian

All problems with the new Laracasts design

Is not it better to have them in one place? Some I've seen (threads)...
andreich1980 andreich1980

The gap on the user sidebar

I really like the new design but there's one thing that hurt my eyes every day. https://imgu...
tokomeno tokomeno

New Website of Laracast

After updating the Laracst forum page as I see thread and replies is coming by API call after the first load of the web page so I think it is very bad for websites SEO caus...
splendidkeen splendidkeen

Handler.php 404, instead of route fallback (Two guards)

I have two guards, the basic web for User.php and doctor for Doctor.php. Two different systems, requiring two ways for 404 redirects and authentic...
kayintveen kayintveen

Starting a new application, choices for frontend. Laravel itself, react, vue and so on

Hi all, Since i haven't been working on Laravel for over a year now. Im a little doubting the route i want to take. I'm planning a new small saas project as side pro...
kevincobain2000 kevincobain2000

Laravel send throttled alert mails, slack, ms teams and notifications package

Hi all, Recently I published a package that can send notifications on emails, ms teams and slack. And it throttles notifications. There are many blo...
Rymercyble Rymercyble

feedback to my shopping cart logic

Hello, I would appreciate feedback to logic behind my shopping cart. At /stage1 user fills data like name address etc. which i store as temporary session. Then I redirect h...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

How do you manage a view that is getting big like this going out of control?

Technically i am not doing anything wrong but it's getting hard to manage. Plus there is still a lot to add to it. Maybe classic includes like Codeigniter days?...

Completion Status

I`m kinda curious is completion status of series based on time spent watching videos of this series? Before i bought subscription i watched series called "PHP 7 Up and...
yoeriboven yoeriboven

Inject authorized User or get it from auth()->user()?

In a controller I am calling a repository method to get data. Should I use auth()->user() in the repository method or inject it as a function argument?...
daugaard47 daugaard47

Sending Markdown Emails

I have a feature on my site similar to a contact form, but I'm using it so a Sponsor can send a letter to their Sponsored Child. I wanted to use Markdown emails rather than...
KNietzsche KNietzsche

Laracasts : new exiting courses please !

There are too too too many TDD courses here, and very long lessons, and I cannot anymore watch such videos even if there are good, there are so many other things more inter...
Jaytee Jaytee

Unable to Ctrl + Click on threads

Hey Jeff, I noticed since the Laracasts refresh, that we can no longer open multiple threads using Ctrl + Click. Instead, we need to either right click > open in...
sergiz sergiz

Completion percentage based on time, not on quantity

Currently the series completion percentage (and graph) is based solely on number of episodes watched which is very misleading. Let's say we have a series of 10 episo...

I'm nervous that my app's security has flaws. Asking for feedback.

This is my first freelance job for an IT company. The requirement is that the website has two use-cases. Customers (other companies) need to log in and be able...
Anotheruser Anotheruser

How do I permanently delete my account

I simply wish to delete my account but cannot find an option in the account section. Any hints? Thanks....
MiguelStevens MiguelStevens

Is this a good way to include the previous and next record?

I'm wondering if my method of including the next and previous records, are according to good (OOP/Laravel) standards. In my Model class, I include the following meth...
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