5 years ago

What Are You Missing?

Posted 5 years ago by JeffreyWay

The previous forum software for Laracasts, Esotalk, is the result of hundreds of hours worth of work. So, naturally, this new forum is missing some of those bells and whistles.

I'd like to add many of them back in over the coming week(s). My question to you is: what are you very much missing from the old forum?

I'll start:

  • First up, I'll re-add the "mark as answered" feature. That's at the top of my list. (Update: Done)
  • I want to add an activity feed, so that you can view a user's forum history. Things like, "JeffreyWay responded to a conversation....". Stuff like that. (Update: Done)
  • I want the ability to @message a person, and have them receive a notification alert in the navigation bar. (Update: Done)

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