5 years ago

Welcome to the New Forum!

Posted 5 years ago by JeffreyWay

Up until this month, Laracasts has used a third-party forum, called Esotalk. While it's very powerful, the problem is that it was completely separate from the core Laracasts codebase and userbase. As a result, there were two separate login portals. Yikes!

I'd been putting it off for a while, but, last week, I decided to sit down and build a replacement forum, which will now live at

There's still much to do. This is only the first phase of the new forum, but expect to see lots of additions over the coming weeks, including an activity feed with notifications, better integration into your Laracasts profile, and more.

A Few Key Notes

  • You may now use Markdown with GitHub-flavored code blocks (```php) in your replies.
  • If you want Laracasts to send you an email each time someone replies to a particular conversation, you'll find a checkbox at the top of each thread.
  • Forum participation is not limited to Laracasts members. Anyone may create a basic account on the site.
  • Migrating the old forum to the new one has turned out to be a fairly complicated procedure. My instinct for now is to keep that one live, but simply archive it and lock down future signups.
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