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Suggest me a license for this CMS I built over last 2 years that I plan to open source

Posted 9 months ago by nikocraft

I've spent last two years building this Laravel + Vuejs powered CMS. I invested a lot of time and effort to build it. I plan to release it within the next 2-3 months.

Take a second to check a quick preview I uploaded to youtube:



How it gets rendered on the frontend with the default theme IMAGE ALT TEXT

That is a very small sample of what CMS currently is capable, it has the ability to do more stuff that is not previewed in the video.

I would like to use open source license but I am kinda stuck right now on which one.

MIT is out of the question since it is too permissive and would give the right to anyone to just do what they please. I spent two years and hired another developer to help me get this far, my goal is to build a big community around it and would like contributions to come in from others in the community as well, with MIT and anyone doing what they want with it it may be hard to grow big community that can help better the software.

I was leaning towards PGLv2 but I noticed how much confusing it gets when third-party developers release themes or plugins and other people who buy their stuff choose to release it for free because they feel themes+plugins fall under GPLv2 as well.

WP itself has a very strong opinion on this here:

So with MIT and GPLv2 out of the way, what another license could I use that is more relaxed when it comes to derivative works like plugins or themes but also protects any copyrights I've released the CMS with.

Do we have anyone visiting forums here that could give me some advice?

How does Apache license sound? How about Sun Microsystems CDDL license

Any other suggestions?

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