11 months ago

Store and update request are the same except the unique id. A way to merge?

Posted 11 months ago by RomainB

Hi all, I'm creating my first full project(blog).

With the obsession to write DRY code, I created a CategoryStoreUpdateRequest (and not a StoreRequest + a UpdateRequest) to control the rules to pass and messages to return when store or update route is needed.

I'm using this personnal trick to do this:

public function rules()
        $name_rules = ($this->method() == 'PATCH') // else == 'POST'
            ? 'required|string|max:50|unique:categories,name,'.$this->category->id
            : 'required|string|max:50|unique:categories,name';

        return [
            'name' => $name_rules,
            'parent_id' => 'nullable'

I just want to know if some of you is seeing an issue to do this that way??

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