4 years ago

Should I store images in db, folder or use other services?

Posted 4 years ago by christiangerdes

Hi everyone,

I have a question. What would be the best way to store images? In mysql, filesystem or another service?

I've researched this question many of times and every time people respond - It just depends on the scale of your application and the structure.

So.... Let me start being specific. In this case we're talking about It's a free market place for everyone, who want to either sell or buy stuff. Like ebay :D As you probably guess every item can have multiple associated images (up to 6). Users are allowed to rotate images and change the order of the way they're listed. Currently the images are stored in a mysql-db with both a full version of the image and a thumbnail to show in search resultats.

Can you help me answer; - What is best practice for my application and why?

Please keep in mind, I run a low budget and use this project as a learning curve :D


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