2 months ago

QR code alternatives

Posted 2 months ago by trevorpan

I checked out the above posts. It appears even google deprecated their QR code api.

Is the main issue with using these the interpretation side?

The app I'm working on is kind of like ebay but it's construction materials so the buyer goes to the seller's business location to pick up their goods.

My goal is to generate a code of some sort (QR or otherwise) and when a person wins a bid a code is generated. When the buyer goes to pick up their construction materials the seller prints out a pdf with the code on it and the buyer uses their phone to verify the code through the laravel app.

The goal is to "verify" that the real seller is providing the goods and that the buyer has "accepted" them.

I could see just a random number generator working too but if you have any experience in this area I'd like to hear.

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