1 month ago

Notifications are broken

Posted 1 month ago by willvincent

I have a bell icon over my profile image in the top right corner indicating notification(s), and in the flyout menu the little blue indicator dot also appears for the notifications tab, but that tab contains no content.

This has been going on for maybe 2 weeks or so now.. Looks like there's a JS issue, when I toggle open the flyout menu, the following appears in the console:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'path' of null
    at app.js?id=5f9d9a7fcca34426d015:1
    at a.ge [as _l] (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at a.<anonymous> (app.js?id=5f9d9a7fcca34426d015:1)
    at a.t._render (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at a.r (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at pn.INkZ.pn.get (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at new pn (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1
    at a.INkZ.Tn.$mount (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)
    at a.INkZ.Tn.$mount (vendor.js?id=3e9700e722cfc0eded2a:1)

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