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Maybe add a default markup for a new discussion

Posted 1 year ago by GertjanRoke

Hello @JeffreyWay, I have made a account at the end of last year, because I got inspired to also help people out with there question on Laracasts, do to the post of @bobbybouwmann on Twitter about what a great people we got on Laracasts and how great it is to help out. I know it’s a long intro but stay with me, so if been doing so for the last days and I found it hard to notice on with version people are working. Some people tell it from the start and others don’t, so I thought why not give a bit of boilerplate to start with when you create a new discussion like you would when you make a issue on for the laravel framework repo.

My thoughts on how it should are as followed, when you select a “channel” you get some boilerplate in your “ask away” textarea and if you think you don’t need just remove it. By adding based on the channel you can write some custom boilerplate for every channel that maybe helps out by giving a better answer on the question of the discussion.

I would like to ask everyone to note there opinion or opinions on this question and maybe if it is a good idea you could make a video above it.

Already many thanks for reading this

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