5 years ago

Learning Road Maps

Posted 5 years ago by vincej

Heah Jeff - One of the challenges I have in using your site is seeing the wood for the trees. Once you get past "Digging In" a Laravel Beginner can get lost really, really fast. There are just so many directions and so much content, that you just don't know where to go next, and how it all fits together. CodeBright does an excellent job here, but Dayle's book stops short of getting into some of the more in depth stuff. I can see you have some prerequisites going on, and you have difficulty levels - great !

However, I really would value some kind of roadmap to help me fit it all together in a coherent picture. Like a "Stream": start here, move on to this, then this and of course the sequencing makes a picture from the 1000 piece puzzle. Khan Academy has this nailed whether you are a studying Calculus at University or a beginner in grade 1. Now, I am not suggesting you go as far as Sal Khan has gone, but he manages to reduce Calculus to an on line step wise learning experience.

At the most rudimentary level, even if I had a sortable list for all my "Watch Laters" ( I have 62 !! ) would already be a help.

You are doing a tremendous job

Many Thanks !

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