3 years ago

Laracasts Refresh

Posted 3 years ago by JeffreyWay

As you may have noticed, Laracasts has a new pair of pants today. A few quick notes on this:

  • There is no scenario where I undo three months worth of work, so please don’t be that person who flippantly writes, “Bring back the old design.” That’s not nice, and ruins my day. I worked hard on this. Laracasts doesn't have a big team of designers working on it every day, so this is the best I can do.
  • If you come across any visual bugs, please do reply here or submit a support request, and I’ll fix them right away.

Notable Updates

  • New design. (Duh).
  • Every line of CSS was rewritten.
  • All new series thumbnails.
  • Brand new forum layout. This should make it somewhat easier to browse and filter threads.
  • Better mobile browsing.
  • Episodes in a series automatically advance and play the next video, upon completion.
  • You may now subscribe or purchase shirts with Alipay (for China) and Apple Pay. If you purchased the new MacBook Pro, that means you can subscribe to Laracasts on your laptop with your finger.
  • The curated series page will list trending courses, ones you’re currently working through, as well as a number of collections that you might be interested in.
  • On the /lessons catalog page, you may now sort by series, as well as filter according to your Completions, Watch Laters, and Favorites.
  • Browse and listen to the Laracasts Snippet podcast without visiting the Simplecast page. The "Launch Day" episode just went up, by the way.
  • When performing a search (in the navbar area), you'll see instant results.
  • Switched over to Cloudfare to help with caching/minification/bla bla bla.

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