8 months ago

Laracast comments bugs

Posted 8 months ago by DrWhat

So I was watching the new Laravel 6 video and left a comment that for me, a fresh laravel 6.0 install still uses whoops, I instantly noticed when i posted the comment it was posted "5 hours ago"

Bug 1. New comments labels as being posted "5 hours ago"

https://i.imgur.com/eoxfTLH.gifv -- FIXED

Bug 2. Mentions arent posting correctly? (At least on edit)

https://i.imgur.com/iXAqsy3.gifv -- FIXED

Edit, Also on new comments: https://i.imgur.com/ocLsecH.gifv Also the autoscroll is annoying, can we remove it? Escpecially since it auto scrolled past the comment i posted.

Bug 3. When editing a (this) thread you need to reselect the section to post to?


Update, To recreate post a thread, edit that thread, then edit it again and the section is black and you need to select it. Refreshing the page fixes this.

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