9 months ago

Is it viable to make a CRUD just to add one field to serve as Only Read Relationship?

Posted 9 months ago by Punksolid

Hi, I want some feedback because I think something it's a little bit wrong here but I don't now the principles that it's wrong.

I have an SPA and there a form to create an object called Travel, and travel has 6 data fields and 7 relational fields, a couple of them are many to many relationships, I think its a little bit too much from an user interface perspective but its okey.

So the client asked if we add another field called Situation to the Travel form, that will be relational to Situation, and just have one String field, that will work as a tag. So with that I will need another crud and call the elements in the form to populate the select to relate to just one string field. There is no intention to list the related Travel models to a tag for now.

Is it even a right approach to do so?

Is it that considered a bloated software?

What are your thoughts to keep it the simplest?

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