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How can i organize the Graphic Design files for big Project

Posted 1 week ago by deep88

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great day, Can you please do me a favour by expressing your experience about how can I organized the XD design files for wireframes and Final Design.

I am working on a personal project (30+ dynamic pages (FE-VueJs, BE-Laravel), Upwork type of project), for which I constantly design new wireframes, Design Files for the website components (developing the site feature by feature).

I am a backend developer by religion, and learned some graphic design in last 12 months and doing okay at graphic design, but I have to do it step by step or very slowly and sometimes I mix up the process because I cannot think about the workflow of UI design in my mind yet in absence of GD experience. I am using XD, I sometimes skip the wireframes part for some parts of the page, and starts to directly do HTML/CSS which takes a lot of my time. So in my scenario, I have a few unanswered questions.

Should All wireframes go in One XD Documents or Create the XD File for Each Page. how about different iterations of a wireframe

How should I organized the Final Designs for a Page

Is the Prototyping necessary for me?

What should be the directory structure of a project?

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