6 months ago

Good PHP Design issue

Posted 6 months ago by kreghx


I have a question on what to do when you have too many parameters in the construct. How I currently solve it is to create a fluent API with a lot of setters to fill up the data like below :

        $create_payment = new CreatePayment();

        $result = $create_payment->setAmount($amount)

I am wondering how and if I should refactor this? In one of the Laracast tutorials it said that if you have too many parameters you should create a class for it. Which could end up as this for example:

        $create_payment = new CreatePayment($paymentDataClass);

But then I end up with the same issue that I need to fill up the $paymentDataClass with all the values. I'm just moving the issue of many parameters to another class.

How can I solve this? Or am I doing it right?

For another reference, when I create a ticket for Freshdesk, I've also created a class with many setters to fill up the data to send to Freshdesk.


        if (!$ticket->sendTicket()) {
            return ["success" => false, "message" =>  __('messages.ticket_failed')];

Every time I face the issue of too many parameters in construct, I'm moving it to setters right now.

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