7 months ago

Endless scrolling

Posted 7 months ago by Cronix

Really sucks. It's fine for short threads that are only less than one page in length, but for posts that are multiple pages, there is no way to just get to the last post without scrolling through them all. I really like being able to click on the timestamp from the main forum index view and going straight to the last post. That's a big time saver, and how the last forum worked (it used basic pagination - like the index page still does - it's only the post view that doesn't. It's very annoying, to the point where I don't even visit longer threads anymore.

An example, click on the timestamp for any posts here:

The most popular thread has 992 responses (as of now). Click the "joeway replied 3 days ago" (as of now) link on the "Where are you all from?" thread, which should take you to the very last post. It doesn't. It takes you to the first post on page 1 and you have to manually scroll through each page to get to the last post because it only loads the first page of content instead of all content and going to the last one.

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