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Published 4 years ago by turkalicious

Hello you awesome people.

If I am not mistaking, the only way to download a video here is within the video's page itself. I am currently moving and do not have internet at my new place yet. I was at work and decided to download the regular expression videos and thought wish I had a button to download everything at once. May be next to the "Watch Later" icon under the serie name.

4 years ago (10,650 XP)

I like the idea, but I do not think, that this will be implemented. The risk that someone upload the series for free is too high.


doesn't really matter if you can download the episodes...


See this thread here. @JeffreyWay has politely asked that this not be done as per what @ax3lst said above.


After going into each episode in a given serie and downloading each episode, what is stopping me from uploading those to somewhere as a whole serie if I wanted to? I am already able to download every single episode here.

Some are grouped together and instead of clicking multiple times to download individually, I just want to click once because I am lazy. Thats all.

But I get the bandwidth charges and I won't download because I want this site to stick around...

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