1 week ago

create user with profile table

Posted 1 week ago by santino

Hi, I am trying to create a user with a profile table related so far...

      $newUser = User::create([
            'name' => 'daniel',
            'email' => '[email protected]',
            'password' => Hash::make(123),

            'user_id' => $newUser->id,
            'nombre' => 'Adminer',
            'apellido' => 'Jhonson',

this is working but I thing there should be a better way to do it... can some one help me? am using for a role this one


I love this way

so I want to make something like this

$newUser->Profile()->attach($newUser->id); // this is my idea to create an attached table to that ID user

thanks in advance for your help

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