5 years ago

Community Videos

Posted 5 years ago by MattCroft


So i haven't thought this through 100% so its mainly just an idea and see where it goes.

The idea is the community would be able to upload videos to Laracasts, that it in its simplest form.

Of course we all know it wont be that simple, the way i would see it working is for example. A new subscription that Jeffery provides that would give a user rights to upload videos, this in turn restricts it down already and only the dedicated would go for such a subscription.

However videos would still need to be checked by someone, again this is were a problem would appear as we couldn't expect Jeffery to check all submitted videos. So i would suggest some form of Community Managers.

The user should be able to upload a single video or a collection following the same format that already appears here on Laracasts.

I personally feel like this could be a good move forward for Laracasts, but maybe this isnt a good idea, but as i mentioned i havent thought the feature through fully so it would require some weighting up against pro's and con's.

Thats the gist anyway.

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