4 years ago

Change the introduction hero image call to action to point directly to Laravel 5 Fundamentals

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A lot of people always ask how they can learn laravel 5, and everyone always links to Laracasts.com, but rarely do they link directly here:


I would suggest updating your home page and making the call to action painfully clear/obvious how to get started learning laravel 5 for free. Not only is that a powerful hook for people to segue into paying for more videos, it will help people know where to go to start off learning Laravel 5.

I know that "Laravel 5" fades into the hero image with a link to the fundamentals, but that assumes the user knows it's a link, and that they know to even wait for it.

I would preserve the tagline: "It's like Netflix For Developers", make it a tiny bit smaller, stop the changing of text/links so it's not as distracting, and then change the current call to action from "Start Learning Now" -> signup page to:

"Start Learning Laravel <$version> For Free" -> link to https://laracasts.com/series/laravel-5-fundamentals

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