3 years ago

A few laracasts things I would like clearing up

Posted 3 years ago by twiggy99

Hello, I love Jeff's work, many years back when I first seen him on tuts+ I've loved all his videos since. I'm looking at getting a subscription here but a few things are bothering me that I would like cleared up.

  1. Are there any series about deployment of Laravel apps, in particular continuous integration? (I understand there's a course on Forge but I'm extremely surprised Jeff has recommended a proprietary, closed source system you have no control over that has vendor lock-in) Is there anything about industry standard open source tools like Jenkins? If not are there any planned?

  2. The testing series looks in depth but there are no free videos to see what the quality of the content is like. What are your experiences wit this course? Doe's it cover everything you need?

  3. Are there any courses or videos aimed at creating API's and authenticating them? Or a selection of videos from different courses that would teach the techniques of building and securing an API?

Thank you in advanced.

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