vasu_vaadah vasu_vaadah

Redirect non-www to www in Laravel Vapor

Any idea how to redirect non-www to www using Laravel vapor?...
Pozitiveman Pozitiveman

Laravel 6 & Google App Engine

I'm new to Laravel and would like to know who had experience with Laravel 6 and Google App Engine with Standard Environment? Are there any issues with integration? W...
afoysal afoysal

500 error

Previously the Laravel application is running well. But after I update the whole code I am getting 500 Internal Server Error. Do you have any clue why I am getting 5...
NedStrk NedStrk

Laravel Vapor with mongoDB

While testing my existing app on Laravel Vapor I have discovered that http...
hassanshahzadaheer hassanshahzadaheer

500 Whoops, something went wrong on our servers.

laracasts discussion show error display 50...
kodemania kodemania

Laravel giving 500 internal error.

Hello guys I have an laravel app working fine on my local machine. I have just transferred it to my server ( Shared hosting ) and put everything on public folder in...

Set a e-mail client for WAMP

I am trying to send an verification e-mail from my localhost (WAMP server on I have downloaded this utility:...
kinshara kinshara

Log Permission Denied

I have my Web Application host in Linux by Nginx. there is some process running: Queue job triggered by dispatch. Cron to the scheduler that runs ever...
stefanX201 stefanX201

How Laravel-Valet knows which driver to use?

Hi all, i asking my self how laravel valet knows which driver is should use? I understand how to write a driver with the SampleValetDriver.php but i can't find how Laravel...
mastermarco mastermarco

Api over virtual host and port?

I installed laravel passport and access my api over
triosolle triosolle

Nginx fast-cgi invalid cache problems after deployment

Every deployment sets the document root of the application to a new path via symlinks. We had some caching problems, like old releases still being served instead of new one...
dan3460 dan3460

Wrong Character display

I made a small web site for my local chess club and when displaying the results of the last round i'm getting an unknown character instead of the 1/2 symbol. The files that...
flashman flashman

cPanel VPS or RunCloud + Vultr + cPanel shared hosting

Hi, I have a problem, I cannot decide what to use. I develop apps in Laravel, and sell them on CodeCanyon. I also have some scripts running (not in Laravel) for appl...
ebraheem ebraheem

web hosting

i have a web app in laravel 5.4 and node.js i want to make this live on server which web hosting is best for this is there any free web hosting for this??...
gdarends gdarends

Default Forge server name affecting emails going to spambox?

Hi, I have installed WordPress on Forge. I'm having some issues with email going into the spambox. Looking at the email I see some issues where it's sending t...
radbonev radbonev

phpMyAdmin on Forge

Hello, I am trying to setup a phpMyAdmin to work on Forge; however, it doesn't seem to work. I've tried to set it up as a normal LEMP, but it's not working. Is there...
podu-file-plus podu-file-plus

Setting up Valet

Hi, I'm setting up Laravel Valet on my computer. I have followed all instructions, but if I open domain with I see the index page of all my projects. Thi...
longestdrive longestdrive

Choosing a new host - aws lightsail or another vps

Hi Up until now I've hosted my apps on a VPS service with a provider. I'm looking to downsize and now trying to choose what solution is best and things have moved on - I'm...
rino13x rino13x

Home Server 101

Hi all, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a noob's guide to getting up and running with building/configuring a home server. I've been bu...
DonSchoeman DonSchoeman

How do I install the dom extension for PHP7?

I am trying to do a composer install for a laravel project on a staging server of ours but the composer dependency check fails at phpunit stating that it requi...
Hagbard Hagbard

Fresh installation of Brew with MySQL. Can't connect

I have a fresh installation of homebrew. I wanted to install MySQL, so I ran: brew install [email protected] After this, I tried connecting using Sequel...
Melodia Melodia

How to fix 302 too many redirects

I have a website with multisite set to true. I can see all the pages regardless of the language, however, If I am on the dashboard, and hover over my sites, I cant s...
thetoad01 thetoad01

NGINX No input file specified

I am working on a legacy project where I cannot change the paths that use the .php extension. When developing locally and using php artisian serve I can use routes such as...
jamalali jamalali

Hosting a Laravel, Lumen API, Vue.js system

I am currently developing a web-based business system for a small manufacturing company. The system will be a public facing website, a password protected admin website and...

email host

Hi, I'm using digital ocean to host my websites. But i'm still searching for a good e-mail host platform. Which one do you use? Grtz!...
Garbare Garbare

URLs only work when '/index.php/' is used

I have just launched a Laravel 5 project on a live server and all is going well except for one thing. I need to write /index.php/ in the url to access a...
keevitaja keevitaja

How to remove first uri segment in .htaccess

EDIT: Cannot be solved with .htaccess ! REQUEST_URI is not changed by any rewrite! Hello, i need to write a .htaccess rewrite rules that removes...

Homestead Memory Limit

Hello, Where can I add something in my Homestead.yaml which can set the memory limit to a specific value?...
atfinho atfinho

Virtual Host Set up

Hey Guys I'm trying to set up a virtual host for my project I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 I'm facing 2 issues right now first , I switched to this directory...
ChrisF79 ChrisF79

Splitting my app between two servers

I have a real estate website and behind the scenes, the app is going out and downloading every picture for each listing, resizing to multiple sizes and uploading to S3 for...
ralee ralee

Email - Connection refused #111

Hi i am stuck for awhile now, hoping some one can help me out here. I have these configurations on my homestead which works fine, its succesfully sending emails...
afletcher afletcher

npm run dev - Unable to locate dependency

I'm running laravel on homestead, and I'm trying to install a vue dependency via NPM. npm version 6.7.0 I have successfully installed the module via NPM, howe...
engrlaravel engrlaravel

dynamically create subdomain

I have SAAS software. When companies register on my website, i want to give them sub-domain at the same time. Example abc company registered now, the system will automatica...
florent6001 florent6001

The requested URL .. was not found on this server.

I just switched my app to a debian environment. I installed apache2 PHP Version 7.2.8-1+0~20180725124257.2+stretch~1.gbp571e56 phpmyadmin...
sstarlight sstarlight

Laravel guzzle cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: http (see

On my development my code is working properly. When I push to my server it become error. cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: http (see...
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