8 months ago

Using Laravel Vapor

Posted 8 months ago by BIX_Freddy

Hey all,

I am currently working on a project that I wanted to run on AWS ElasticBeanstalk Setup but now I heared of Laravel Vapor. I signed up and tried it. I do have some questions and maybe some of you do know the answer to it already or could provide me with some ideas:

  1. My "deployment hooks" are always failing, I'm only running the example script "php artisan migrate --force" and nothing else. Database is of course created and credentials are set correctly (verified that in the environment itself)

  2. I want to run a multi domain page, and are pointing to the same instance and should both run my Laravel app. Any ideas, how to achieve that with Vapor? (I'm aware of the wildcard part. Would it be possible to point the domains to the load-balancer I can start within Vapor?

Thank you all for your support! Regards F

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