7 months ago

The scout namespace is not found using SSH

Posted 7 months ago by timyboy12345

I have Laravel running on a Synology server, using php73 artisan scout:import I can import all my models to Algolia/Scout using Laravel, this works great on one of my other projects, running on the same server with the same packages. I've now created a new Laravel project and uploaded it to my server. I'm now getting the error There are no commands defined in the "scout" namespace. when I try to use scout:import. I've already removed and re-installed the algolia/scout-extended package, but this didn't to anything.

Can anyone think of a reason why scout can't be found?

PS: To install composer packages, I have to use --ignore-platform-reqs so composer doesn't check packages against my default PHP version, which for Synology is 5.x I believe. Could this be a reason, and if so, does anyone know if it's possible to change your Synology's PHP version to 7.3. It's already installed, but I can only use it with php73 [command] instead of php [command]

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