1 year ago

Server Help

Posted 1 year ago by packy

I am looking at helping a company do a demo at a tradeshow by making them a website that displays a set of stats thats constantly being updated. They are concerned with running the site on their servers since they have some much going on with their current user load through various products. The thought is:

My Laravel site does an API call to their server every 30 seconds. If their server returns json with a time stamp on when it was updated If its new data I can save it in my DB I display the data from my DB

The site it self is very basic. 2 images and a table of the data.

I am using Laravel and Vue to handle everything.

Is it best to save the data in a DB or just as a JSON file in the app? We are looking at 2k concurrent users for a few days. My original thought was a 16 GB 6 vCPUs 320 GB 6 TB server from DigitalOcean.

Does this seem enough? Is storing in the DB or as a file lower risk of the server failing?

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