1 year ago

Local filesystem on load balanced servers

Posted 1 year ago by alexleonard

I have load balancing set up to split a Laravel site between multiple servers and have been running into issues using local file storage.

For compliance reasons we can't use a remote Flysystem adapter (eg AWS), and I haven't worked out the best way to handle user uploads (eg image uploaded to Server A, but not available Server B). At the moment we just have a scheduled rsync to keep Server A and B public disks in sync, but it's not instant.

I believe we could set up some form of folder watching to trigger sync between the servers but I was wondering is there an easy way to set up the local flysystem adapter/public disk to actually store files on a single server shared between load balanced web server? Thus Server Z would be just Laravel 'local' storage, and Server A and B would read/write to Server Z?

DevOps is not entirely my forte... ;)

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