10 months ago

Laravel with Pusher or

Posted 10 months ago by smitpatelx

I have used pusher in my projects and felt unfair pricing for corporations/developers. After realizing this, I saw an opportunity for building an open-source platform for web-sockets. What is the main difference between and pusher? I want to know this as I am building an alternative to pusher with my team.

This project (netdevv-sockets) will be a partial open-source project, which will provide you the node-js server code for deploying your personal instance of netdevv-sockets on your infrastructure. The second service will provide you our optimized infrastructure with extra dev-tools.

Our motive behind this project: When you don't want to use our infrastructure and build your own - you can do so, with an open-source node-js based server.

Motive behind this post: Provide your views on web sockets and what features you as a modern developer want from a web-socket platform?

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