4 years ago

Laravel 5 loading wrong .env file

Posted 4 years ago by KSHIntern1

I use Laravel 5 and i have the following folders on my server:


They each have their own .env file and database, but for some reason each of them sometimes loads the wrong .env file (like once every 100th request).

I figured it loads the wrong .env file because when i dump the env database:
It some times return the name of the laravel_production database on the laravel_dev site.

I have made a grep search for the laravel_production database name, and it's not in the dev folder.

I have triede to dump the dir constant (__DIR__) various places, it's always correct, and my only solution is to set static values for the database connection.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong, or how i can dig further into what could be wrong?

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