Laravel Homestead-based Nginx/PHP returns 500 or otherwise times out after several hours of working correctly

Posted 4 months ago by lukeify

Hi all. I'm encountering an extremely frustrating problem running the homestead base box of 6.1.0 on Virtualbox 5.2.12 — in short, after several hours of a working php/laravel environment on the Homestead VM, I'll start getting timeouts and 500 errors when I try to access my application. I can still remotely login to the MySQL database over port 33060 (default), but nginx/php is just not responding — and I'd like to figure out why. What steps should I take to resolve this?

The only workaround I've found so far is to do a complete vagrant destroy --force and rebuild the VM, which takes upwards of 20 minutes and is not a livable solution.

Will happily provide more information as necessary.

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