6 months ago

How to Manage VPS and Deploy Laravel Applications?

Posted 6 months ago by pavelas

Good Day,

I used shared hosting for a long time and lately I feel a lack of freedom. So, I decided to deploy my Laravel & Non-Laravel applications on my own VPS. But it turns out it's not that easy and there are no detailed guides or courses on how to do this.

  1. Where to start? Operating system? LEMP vs LAMP? Proper configuration? Security? Updates? DDOS? Backups? Performance? Uptime?

  2. Databases? MySQL vs PostgreSQL? Configuration? Which version?

  3. Laravel deployment? Best practices? Domains / subdomains? SSL configuration? Cache systems?

  4. How to deploy a few applications on the same VPS? Different domain names? GUI Control panel? Monitoring?

  5. Sending & Receiving e-mails? Avoid blacklisting? Create forwarders / e-mail accounts?

I do not ask to answer all the questions, but if you know some good courses or guides, it would be nice if you could share and maybe together we will be able to collect all the information.

Also please do not share 3rd party services, such us Mailgun, Laravel Forge, etc... This is not a solution.

Thank you in advance!

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